Where I Need To Be

If you have been following along with "My Moments" you will begin to realize that I have been involved in a lot this year, taking me away from campus often. That's the balance, right? Figuring out how to lead and learn. In order to learn, present and grow I am attending conferences and participating in institutes at both the district and state level. In addition to those amazing opportunities, the regular off campus meetings as a district administrator still exist. I do all of this to lead and learn, but if I am always learning (away from campus) how can I lead?

What does it all mean?

I have learned from some of the best minds in education.

I have connected with educators around the state and nation who challenge my thinking daily.

I have made lasting friendships with people whom I would have otherwise never met.

I have been away from campus WAY TOO MUCH!

I have heard and even used the old saying, "If leaders cannot be off campus, they have a leadership problem." A leadership problem is hardly the case. In fact, it is the leaders and teachers on campus that allow me to be gone as much as I have this year.

Let's be honest. Research reminds us that the principal is the second most influential factor in student achievement, behind the teacher which is first. If the principal is not on campus, how can you influence student success? It does not "just happen".

As "What Great Educators Do Differently" or #WGEDD is taking place in Texas, where I live, I find myself peeking at the Twitter Feed thinking how great it would be to be there. How great it would be to be connecting with members of my PLN and learning from the great minds in attendance. Then, at the end of today, after I was able to sit down and talk with each one of our grade level teams, I was reminded, I am "where I need to be".

All of the conferences, all of the learning and connections will be there. Those opportunities are plentiful and will be there when I am ready to return. For the time being, spending time on campus, surrounding myself with our students, parents and teachers making the final push over the last several weeks of the 15-16 school year I am "where I need to be". More importantly, it is where I want to be.

What was your moment today?

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