Serious Thought and Consideration

I have spent the last seventy-five school days, being intentional about reflecting at the end of each day, highlighting a moment to share with you all. As today comes to a close, I find myself reflecting or replaying my day in my mind, searching for the one moment to share. Up to this point, I have been able to find a moment each day that I wanted to share. Tonight...not so much.

As the day replays over and over again, there were a lot of moments I enjoyed. Collaborating with teachers and staff in the building as we continue interviewing for the last of our vacant positions, meeting with my fellow bilingual principals for a working lunch and the time I spent after work with friends, just sharing what is happening in our lives. All great moments, but I am struggling to highlight just one.

As I was contemplating which moment to write about and really reflect on, I came to this understanding, "reflection is not an isolated event or a thing. it is a process. It would be easy to sit down and just share a moment that happened today so I can "check the box" and say I did it, but that would be wasting your time and mine. Rather, I stumbled upon the realization that some times the mere act of reflecting can be enough. It does not need to lead to a blog or actionable item. Reflection can be just what it is; serious thought and consideration.

As my day comes to an end, I want to be able to say I have given my day serious thought and consideration through the process of reflection. While I am not able to highlight a specific moment today, it was the moment I realized the reflective process I work through is more than just a thing, I want you to know more about.

While a moment may come tomorrow that I can share more about, my time tonight was spent engaged in serious thought and consideration, just as reflecting should be.

What was your moment today?

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