Reserved for Principal

I recall my graduate school days and remember one of my professors sharing his opinion about whether a principal should have a reserved parking place or not. Before I go any further, do you have a reserved parking place or does the principal in your building have one? Maybe it's not that big of a deal to you. Admittedly, I do have a reserved parking place. It is convenient for the days I arrive to school long after the staff has pulled in. The days were I have off campus meetings. The days that I can return and not have to worry about scouring the parking lot to find an open place, I know right where one is. It is reserved for me. 

This past March, our staff had the opportunity to compete in a March Madness Bracket Challenge, much like many of you may have competed in. While the prize package for this bracket challenge did not have a monetary reward, lunch and the principal's parking spot were up for grabs. With the national championship behind us, we have announced our winner and it was not me. Just like parking spot was no longer reserved for me. 

I pull into work each morning armed with the task of needing to find a parking space. I pull into work each morning armed with the task of needing to find a parking space, just like everyone else. Do I miss it? Sure. Can I live without it? I bet I can. 

As I was walking out of the building today with a couple of our teachers and our assistant principal, I walked with them to their cars and one of them asked, "Why did you park over here?" Honestly, it is because I can't fill out a bracket worth a darn...or at least one that can win an office pool. I reminded this teacher that for the rest of the year I would be parking "over here". 

I have given up my parking space before as an incentive or reward for teachers on campus. I believe most of them appreciate having a space they can call their own, but I always got it back. It was still reserved for me. 

For the rest of this year,  I am parking "over here". I am parking "over here" with everyone else. If teachers do not get a reserved parking space, why should I? I am not special. The work the teachers put in everyday, the work with one another and with our students, that is special. I simply have the privilege of leading a group of teachers who are passionate about educating children. 

As I wrap up this post, I am thinking my car has spent it's last day in "my reserved spot". As a leader, I need to be reminded how hard our teachers work, the passion they possess and the little things they spend time doing. As much as I like to believe I know...I know that I forget. 

If parking "over here" serves as a reminder of how hard the teachers work and sends a message that I am willing to work right along side each of them, removed from any special privileges, I will proudly park "over here" from this day on. 

Where do you park? 

What was your moment today?   

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