My Moment - Day 61 - #whyiteach

If you are connected on Twitter, I am sure you have seen the increasingly popular hashtag #whyiteach. Admittedly, I am slow to jump on the sweeping trends like this in their infancy, mostly because I do not want to do something, just because everyone else is.

I have been reminded multiple times in the last few weeks just how full teachers' plates are in the spring. November is tough, February is difficult and April is proving to be a challenge. In the midst of the tough, difficult and challenging times, being reminded of why we do what we do can be reinvigorating. Sharing your why with others can be inspirational. So...yes, we are going to reinvigorate and inspire using #whyiteach.

Throughout the course of the year, we have a writing wall where we post grade level writing samples, where each grade level takes a month to showcase student work. Well, we are in school for more months than we have grade levels so we are being innovative with our space and transforming it into our #whyiteach wall for the month of April.

Each Thursday, I throw out a Twitter Task, encouraging teachers to share, reflect and post what is happening in their classrooms and across our campus. No pressure to participate but for those that do, they enjoy wearing jeans to school on Thursday.

This week's Twitter Task was to complete the word bubble placed in their mailbox, answering the question, "Why I Teach." In one day, the responses are already going up and I am excited, reinvigorated and inspired to read our teachers' why.

We must be mindful of how easy it is to miss the trees when you are standing in the forest. Recalling the why can help us see the trees and remember our purpose...the reason #whyiteach.

What was your moment today?

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