My Moment - Day 59 - "We Got Lost"

Maybe it was a long day. Maybe I was excited about the sun still being up when I pulled in the drive way. Maybe I just wanted to steal some time to spend with my son. Maybe it was a combination of all three, but whatever the reason, I came home and picked up my 50 pound resistance trainer otherwise known as my son, Cooper and we went for a run.

As Cooper has gotten older, he looks forward to the runs we share together and the time he actually gets to run.  As you can see in the picture, I still bring the good ol' jogging stroller as he spends more time in it than running, but he still enjoys the running aspect...even if it is slooooowwww and just a couple of minutes at a time. We all start somewhere right?

As we headed out the door, I was thinking we would run 3-4 miles and be home just in time for dinner. As we got to our half way point, Cooper wanted to run a little bit. As he hopped out of his stroller, at a very familiar intersection, where we normally turn around, he wanted to run a different way. A way we had not ever been before. Far be it from me to stand in his way, so we ventured down an unknown road. As we ran through a beautiful neighborhood, I was taken back by the size of the houses, the nicely landscaped lawns and slowly began to imagine...what would like be like if. In the midst of my day dreaming, Cooper had hopped back in the stroller, tired of running and was ready to return home. We had one problem. I had no idea how to get out of this perfect neighborhood. After an additional mile of running through the neighborhood, we navigated our way back to a street I was familiar with and made our way home, coming in at just under 5 miles.

As we walked in, Cooper excitedly shared our little adventure with his Mom, yelling "We got lost." Of course this earned me one of those "I am not surprised" smirks from the misses, but he was so excited.

Why do you think he was so excited? Was it just because he was spending time with me? Probably not, as we have returned home from many runs where that was not his response. Was it because he was able to run? Maybe, although he's ran before. Or was it because we took a risk? We took a risk in running a route, we had not run before. We took a risk that Cooper had input in. He was a part of the decision making process. While he was not thrilled that we were out running longer than he wanted to be, he was excited to be a part of an adventure. Seeing new parks, being able to check out a few water fountains we ran by and figuring out we can take a left instead of a right and still make it home safely will hopefully encourage us both to take the path less traveled next time we are out on a run together.

As an educator, how often do you take the path less traveled, turning left instead of right? Getting input from your students regarding the decision making process and supporting them in their risk taking, knowing the end result may or may not turn out just the way you want it to be. Regardless of the process, no matter how much longer it may take than the original plan, through taking the risk, "running" side by side with them, I know it will be worth it. Just imagine their excitement when they "get lost" in their learning with their teacher by their side.

What was your moment today?

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