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The City of Plano has a program titled "Love Where You Live". Love Where You Live events empower communities by demonstrating that acts of kindness bring people together, thus strengthening the community. It provides a vehicle for people to demonstrate compassion and kindness on a broad and collective basis. The effort builds bridges between demographic, socioeconomic, ideological, religious & geographical barriers, resulting in community transformation.
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If you break it down, if you really read what "Love Where You Live" strives to create, it is the same environment school leaders seek to develop in buildings. 

Today, April 1st is #aprilfoolsday. Search that hashtag and Twitter lights up with millions of #aprilfools jokes. You have loved ones, children, teachers, students and bosses across the country getting a laugh at someone else's expense. I hope that each of the pranks pulled is all in fun and leaves no one feeling as if they were a target of an ill planned joke. 

I "love where I live" and I "love where I work". While there are times when the two blend together, I feel we have created an environment that was outlined above. My proof...look at my office as I entered it at 7:15AM this morning. My office chair...replaced. My phone....saran wrapped with the receiver completely missing. My computer seemed to be operating as if it was standing on it side and the battle of the century was taking place among 100 of the toughest "little green army men" you can find. Funny, right? 

Then there was the teacher, rushing in demanding I review some paperwork that was to be submitted, which was sub par and my input was needed on how to proceed. As I worked through the each page, wondering what I was missing, I get to the bottom to find a card that was signed "April Fools" and played "The Macarena" on loop for approximately...forever! Press the button to make it stop and it simply reset, playing even longer. Needless to say that card ended up in multiple areas of the building today, only to find its way back to my office at the end of the day. How is that? 

Teachers were not the only ones that had their fun. Entering into the cafeteria brought prompts from students telling me my shoes were untied, I had something on my back and the best one...someone was standing behind me. It is so funny to watch students try and play practical jokes. 

Teachers took their shots at the principal. Students shared jokes throughout the day. However, do not underestimate the power of being the principal As you can see, lights were turned out while rooms were empty, remotes were Velcroed to marker trays, computers did not seem to work right and yes, that is glitter inside that cardboard tube. Fortunately for the recipient (and probably me) she was extra cautious about opening this package. 

What I thought was going to be the best prank of the day, had to do with soup, water, lunch and donut holes. Imagine walking into the lounge, ready to sit down and enjoy lunch (during the short thirty minute break you have) to discover your soup and water have been replaced with donut holes...#aprilfools. Little did I know, our victim was not our intended target. Our intended target didn't bring lunch today, because her husband had a #aprilfools prank of his own. Lucky for me, our poorly executed plan was well received and everyone involved found the humor in our attempt. Albeit a poor one. 

Moral of the story...I work in a building I absolutely love. We work hard, but we play hard. We know how to have fun and appreciate the well time prank of a colleague that we know is done for no other reason than to make remind them they are loved, to lighten the mood and most importantly to have fun. 

I love that I can have fun at work. I love where I work...and I love where I live. Do you? 

What was your moment today? 

Check out the preparation of the "failed" glitter bomb and then the video of opening the glitter bomb...way to carefully. 

@matthew_arend at his finest #watchforglitter #glitterismorecontagiousthanpottybreaks
— Kiera Caldwell (@CaldwellKiera) April 1, 2016

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