Elements Teachers Possess

I entered the school this morning with hope and optimism that today was going to be an amazing day. I entered the school this morning with two elements I would hope each of my teachers entered with as well. In addition to being hopeful and optimistic I was excited and motivated to take advantage of the day. Just like many teachers who walk into buildings around the world in the morning, we walk in with an idea of what we think is going to happen and then we realize we work with children. Children are unpredictable and need our patience, compassion and sincere love as they make decisions that may not be the best and require our flexibility to meet the needs that matter most....the needs of our students.

As my day was dedicated to meeting the needs of the students who are still learning how difficult it is to make the right choice, I was consistently reminded how important it is for our teachers to possess so many of the elements I would highlight later on in the day. Many of these elements were shared with me, by you. Last week I shared a post titled, "The Periodic Table of Teaching"  asking for your input in reinventing the periodic table to include elements we see in our teachers.

As my day went on, it returned to a somewhat normal schedule, and I was able to shift my focus to creating what will be our Sigler Elementary "Periodic Table of Teaching" including elements of teaching.

There may not be another profession that requires so many different elements. Many of which are combined and required simultaneously to meet the vast needs of students that enter their classrooms each day.

Teacher Appreciation Week is next week and I could not think of a better way to recognize our teachers than calling attention to the very elements that make our teachers simply amazing. As teachers enter the building on Monday, they will be greeted by our Periodic Table of Teaching because #TeachersMatter.

As the week goes on, I look forward to seeing how teachers respond to the elements and hearing which elements they connect with most.

Are there elements you desire in your teachers? I know I have not listed all of them. Are there elements you feel are more important than others? What are your favorite elements?

What was your moment today?

Need a closer look at the elements of teaching...see below. Hopefully you can zoom in and check them out. If that doesn't work...I guess you will just need to come and visit!

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