Can I Get Back To You...?

As the principal of a Title I school, hiring teachers that "want" to work with our students and our demographic is a must. Our teachers and teams spend countless hours, interviewing potential candidates, trying to find just the right person. The right person who has the passion to do what needs to be done each day and the desire to learn how to do it in a way that works for the individuals who they teach each day.

We search high and low for candidates who we feel may be great fits for our students, teachers, parents and staff. We ask questions leading candidates to thought provoking answers and leave us reflecting on candidates' answers after they leave.

We do all of this in an attempt to find just the right one. The one that "wants" to work at Sigler Elementary. The one that forces us to run out of the building after him/her after they leave, because we fear they will get a job somewhere else, if we hesitate in our decision. When we find who we believe we are looking for, we offer them the opportunity to work with us, to work with our students and families. The answer I want to hear when we offer a position to a candidate is, "Yes, absolutely!" What I am finding out...there are not as many candidates that "want" to work at Sigler, or at least they want to see what other options they have first. When I offer a position, instead of "Yes, absolutely!", I hear, "Can I get back to you?"

While there is a part of me that gets it, "Can I get back to you?" is not an answer I enjoy hearing. Applicants today have choices. I get it. They want to be sure they are making the right choice, finding the right school, ensuring it is a good fit. I want all of that too. As someone who is in a position to hire, I do not want to be someone's second option. I do not want our school to be the choice because something else did not work out.

The students we serve deserve nothing but the best. They do not want or need teachers who "had to think about it" or teachers who ask, "Can I get back to you?" We need teachers who, without hesitation, can make the unequivocal decision to say "Yes, absolutely" because they want to work with our students, teachers and families at Sigler Elementary.

What was your moment today?

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