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Little Boy Catches Fish with Toy Rod
This little guy wasn't expecting to catch anything with his toy fishing rod... (via Jukin Media)
Posted by HuffPost Good News on Friday, March 18, 2016
By now you may have seen this entertaining video of a young boy testing out his new fishing pole.  The preacher at my church, Chris Seidman shared this video clip with us on Easter morning and while I should have been listening to his sermon, I could not help but begin to think of the parallels between this fishing video, the resurrection of Jesus on Easter morning and education.

Family Easter Pictures - 2016
Rarely, if ever do I bring religion into my posts, but with Easter just barely in the rear view mirror, the lessons
shared around the globe on Easter Sunday are all too quickly forgotten as we walk out the doors of church and head to brunch and egg hunts. Hopefully this moment will keep you in the Easter spirit for just a little bit longer.

Chris referenced John 21:6 as Jesus appeared to the disciples who had been fishing (unsuccessfully) and instructed them to throw their net off the right side of the boat. Of course, in doing so, they caught more fish then the nets could hold. Earlier in the bible, in Mark 1:17 Jesus tells the disciples to follow him and he will send them out to fish for people. They had been fishing for most of their lives and with the guidance of Jesus they will now become fishers of men.

Honestly, I did listen to the sermon, it was amazing. One line I will quote, which I agree with 100%, "This boy caught a fish, but fishing more than likely forever caught him." The moment I heard that, I thought, isn't that what I want for students that enter our classrooms each day? It's the mindset I want from each of our teachers. We want to catch our students. However, the longer I think...we want to do more than just catch them.

What if I reframed the story and included students instead of disciples and teachers instead of Jesus. What if the relationship and trust between the students and teachers was so great that students blindly go where the teachers say and through taking the risk, reap a hefty reward. What if the teachers were to say to the students, "I have been teaching a long time, but now you will teach you how to learn."

That is what I want in classrooms. I want students to become learners, moving away from the days where teachers were THE TEACHER.

Some teachers are already there, but what if those who are not yet, could resurrect their teaching, as Jesus was resurrected from the dead?   


Jesus was resurrected and your teaching can be too.

Think back to the young boy in the fishing video. Watch it again if you need to. The excitement he is exploding with is what we want our students to experience while learning in our classrooms. This excitement doesn't happen teachers are "just teaching". It happens when teachers are facilitating, encouraging risk taking and creating learning opportunities in the classroom. Notice the father in the video...he isn't demonstrating how to cast and reel. The teacher or father never grabs the pole, in fact his son is adamant, "...let me do it Daddy." He is standing along side his son, providing feedback, direction and support; guiding his son, to a one of a kind learning experience.

Do you think his son will want to come back for more? Do you think he will return to that pond soon? By the way, who was doing most of the work in that video? The father or the son? The teacher or the student?

Do your students want to come back for more? Do your students want to return to your classroom? Who is doing most of the work in your classroom? You or the students?

If you did not like the honest answers you provided to any one of the questions above, its ok...but what are you going to do about it? How will you resurrect your teaching?

If you did like your honest answers...How can you resurrect the teaching of someone else who may need it?

Interested in hearing the rest of Chris Seidman's sermon? Click Here: Easter 2016: Rise

What was your moment today?

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