My Moment - Day 42 - Life Sized Heroes

If you have not gotten a chance to read my blog about my #oneword for 2016, check out Enjoy the Moment.

As I mentioned in my blog, my #oneword is a call to action for me to be mindful of the moments that make up my day. The moments at home, the moments at work and the moments that happen in between.

I received a text message today from a 3rd grade teacher that read, "You need to come check yourself out down here. The girls out did themselves." The 3rd grade students were working on people they admire and who possess hero qualities. 

Of course, I did my best to make my way down to the 3rd grade hallway to see the work our students had done. There, standing next to Albert Einstein, sharing a hallway with Clara Burton, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ruby Bridges was Me! 

Look closely at the detail these children put into their heroes. There are two specific details that I love about their version of me. Well, actually three. Normally when students draw pictures of me, they fail to get the hair right. They love to remind me that I do not have much on the top of my head. In this case, I believe they nailed it! The two details that really got me...and I mean really got me were my "daily planner" and the notebook I am carrying in my hand.  

Look closer at my daily planner. These young ladies broke my day down and did it well. They included morning announcements, conference times, a school assembly and were kind enough to let me have a snack before leaving at 1:00PM. A day ending at 1PM. Love it! Notice the notebook in my hand? What you cannot tell from the picture is what is written in the notebook. The handwritten notes, in the notebook, are letters from students, sharing the kindest of words, about me. The honest notes from students nearly brought me to tears.

The most humbling part of the moment I had in 3rd grade today? These girls consider me and their teachers heroes. When I look up the word hero, it is defined as: a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. What an honor. I associate the word hero in my life with my parents, grandparents and other people who have influenced me and helped in molding me into the person I am today. The idea that students hold me in the same regard reminds me how awesome our responsibility truly is.

I do not wake up in the morning to be a hero. I wake up in the morning to be a positive influence in the lives of our teachers and our students. I wake up in the morning to encourage and inspire teachers and students to be the greatest version of themselves. I wake up in the morning to be the one who can listen when teachers and students need someone to do just that...listen. A life sized hero? Never in my wildest dreams.

What we must realize as educators is that our students do see us as heroes. Students do admire us. They grow up wanting to be us. They see us as courageous. They see us as being noble and they see being a teacher as an outstanding achievement. We make a difference in the lives of our students, each and every day.

At the end of the day...we are all life sized heroes!

What was your moment today?

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