My Moment - Day 8 - Who's Coming With Me

If you have not gotten a chance to read my blog about my #oneword for 2016, check out Enjoy the Moment. 

As I mentioned in my blog, my #oneword is a call to action for me to be mindful of the moments that make up my day. The moments at home, the moments at work and the moments that happen in between.

I am ready! As a school leader, I find myself in the midst of evaluations, follow up conversations and sitting in meetings that are geared around instructional programming that is going to prepare students to pass our State of Texas STAAR test. Do you know what all of that leads to? It typically leads to teachers who are working way too hard. Much harder than their students. I do not like it. Teachers do not like it. It's not that we all shouldn't be working hard, but I want us working hard, doing the right kind of work. The kind of work that is inspirational. The kind of work that students will remember ten years from now. 

Why do we do this to ourselves? 

I am ready. I am ready for a change. I am ready to do things differently. There are days when I feel we are doing things differently and then there are days that I feel we are trapped. It is time to strip down what we do TO STUDENTS in school and start giving students opportunities to think. Ask questions. Listen to student voice/input. Solve problems. (Not in a workbook) Create. Problem Solve.  Have fun! That goes for the teachers too! 

Let's focus our efforts beyond what is assessed on a test. Let's focus our efforts on what is best for students. Let's focus our efforts on experiences and opportunities students will remember. 

I am ready. Today's #moment occurred during a break from my monthly principal's meeting as two colleagues and I started a discussion about just how hard our teachers are working. Why? Why do we do it the way we do? Why do we only teach content areas in isolation? Why do we teaching certain content areas for a specified number of minutes? Why are we so stuck to teaching a curriculum, that at times, is not fun and engaging? 

Short answer: I have my opinions. Is it the right answer? Is it what is best for students? 


I am ready! I am ready to do things differently. 

To quote a line from the movie Jerry McGuire - "Who's coming with me?" 

What was your #moment today? 

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