My Moment - Day 19 - Sharing the Story

If you have not gotten a chance to read my blog about my #oneword for 2016, check out Enjoy the Moment. 

As I mentioned in my blog, my #oneword is a call to action for me to be mindful of the moments that make up my day. The moments at home, the moments at work and the moments that happen in between.

Feels good to be home...even if it was for one day. 

Sandwiched in between the Texas Principal's Visioning Institute or #TXPVI and the Texas Computer Education Association Conference or #TCEA16 I returned home for one day on campus. Ever been on campus for two days, returned for one, before leaving for three more? That is the challenge I find myself in right now. 

Well knowing I had limited time on campus, I was in extreme "get it done" mode today. I answered emails, conferenced with staff members and teachers, sat in on parent meetings, returned phone calls, showed visiting teachers around our building discussing AVID, ate lunch with a student who had purchased the opportunity to do so from our school store, competed in a #mathfactchallenge with all of our @SiglerStars3rd grade students and just "caught up" with students and teachers I had not seen since Tuesday. I LOVE MY JOB! It was an awesome feeling to just go, go, go today. 

In the midst of my "get it done" mode, I happened to sit down at a table our parents use when they come and eat lunch with their children. (They eat with their children just outside the cafeteria.) It was no coincidence I sat down with this particular parent, as earlier in the week her daughter, a former Sigler student, had come back from middle school with her teacher and friends, to share their experiences with our 3rd-5th grade students about middle school and AVID. I wanted to share how proud I was of her daughter, which somehow led to a conversation about when her son would be able to eat lunch with me. We have a couple different ways students can eat lunch with the principal, which this mom was aware of and which her son, who was sitting with her was aware of as well. He had yet to have the opportunity, and as a 4th grader he felt as if he was running out of time. I pulled up a chair and continued to talk with him and his mom about all things Sigler. We talked about her younger children, my son, July birthdays, September birthdays and how I was retained in Kindergarten. (Another story for another day) 

As I was about to leave, mom shared her thoughts about our campus activity on social media. What mom did not know was that I am finalizing a presentation for #TCEA16 titled "Connecting Your Campus & Community Using Social Media". She was sharing the exact message I wanted my audience to hear next week. I completely interrupted her and asked if I could record her sharing why she loved our social media presence. She said of course and now I have an awesome video testimony to share with my attendees next week at #TCEA16. It was perfect. The funny thing is, if I had not taken the #moment to sit down and speak with her, I would have never known what she was thinking. I would not have had the opportunity to listen and I would not have been able to eat lunch with her and her son. I would have completely missed my moment. 

The moral of the story...we all go through seasons of being off campus and I am in the midst of that right now. It does not matter if you only have a day or an hour, take the time to listen to your people...teachers, parents, students and staff. They all have a story and sometimes, if we find the right moment, the story they share will help the story we are trying to deliver. 

What was your moment today? 

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