Enjoy the Moment

The hashtag #oneword has captured the attention of many as the calendar turns to 2016. While some commit to resolutions for the new year, others have chosen a single word to use as a call to action. Personally, I prefer selecting #oneword over a resolution. #Oneword is a call to action, while a resolution is a statement to make a change. Change is hard people. It is why many resolutions fizzle out after a few days, weeks or months. (Present company's past resolutions serve as a perfect example)

So, rather than sharing my resolution, I present you with my #oneword for 2016, #MOMENT. Life is full of them...if I take the time to notice. As I reflected over the last year, I am not sure I took the time to truly enjoy the #moment.

The good news is, I have recognized it. I have called it what it is. Now what? My #oneword for 2016 is going to be my reminder. My daily call to action that supports me in seeking out the moments that occur during a day. The moments I can highlight, recognize and celebrate.

As I return for the second semester of school on Monday, there are going to be numerous times a day to enjoy the #moment. There is time before school, when I am getting ready at home and my 4 year old son is just waking up and wants daddy's attention. Will I take advantage and enjoy the #moment? There is time during the school day, when students are eager to share their stories and just want someone to listen. Will I take advantage and enjoy the #moment? There is time after school once students have been dismissed, when teachers are planning, collaborating and brainstorming how to be their best for their students. Will I take advantage and enjoy the #moment? There is time when I get home. The time at home may provide the best #moment if I am looking for it. Many times I come home, tired from the day, just ready to relax, but I am missing the #moment. The #moment may be helping my wife in the kitchen or playing with my son who has not seen me all day. Will I take advantage and enjoy the #moment?

My #oneword for 2016 is going to be my reminder to enjoy the moment and take advantage of it.

How will you know if my #oneword serves its purpose? So glad you asked.

Beginning Monday, January 4th, I will be sharing what my #moment is for the day. Sharing one moment, Monday-Friday between now and the end of the school year will be my call to action. Each day I will be intentional about seeking out a moment I can highlight, recognize and celebrate. Best of all, I will celebrate my #moment with you.

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