Bright Future Campaign - Week 25 - #NoOfficeDay - 1st Grade

Bright Future Campaign - Week 25 - #NoOfficeDay - 1st Grade

In an effort to be more effiecent with my technology I'm going to try and capture much of day using photos of student work throughout my day. As always, I love the time spent with the students and teachers. The days I have in the lower grades (KN & 1st) serve as such a humbling experience for this former 3rd and 5th grade teacher. You ladies teaching these 1st graders have the patience of a saint and are made to do what you do! Thanks for make my day a true experience! 

As you can see, my day started with the Big 3 in Mrs. Wells' room. I was able to make sure students were answering their questions accurately by checking tier work upon completion and watching them successfully complete their calendar workbook as well. The teachers in grades 3-5 will be thrilled to see our 1st graders so focused on fractions. Not only were students working on fractions during today's math workshop, they even solved a little probability in their Big 3 warmup as you can see with the pie chart used below. 

In this fractions activity, students had to roll the number cubes and then determine an appropriate fraction. (Improper fractions are not introduced quite, so for the time being, the big number does not go on the top) Once the fraction is determined, students had to find a shape they could divide into the right number of equal parts and then shade the appropriate number as well.  

The 2nd rotation involved students using some picture cards of a given fraction and then finding the fraction on the game board and moving their game piece accordingly. Fortunately, I was able to play for a little bit, but as you can see, my teddy bear was the green one. 

As I transitioned into Mrs. Napurano's room, the students were also focusing on fractions.  Again, I can appreciate the emphasis on fractions knowing how hard of a concept this can be for students as they become more complex as they enter into 3-5. 

After our time in math, it was time for a little spelling word review prior to their test. Students were able to use Spelling City and the BenQ software to interact with their words. You can see this young lady studying her choice before making a choice of what her letter will be. 

Working together students were able to solve the word BOW. 

Ms. Cano's room was next and I was able to lend a hand with the support of Ms. Colato and monitor students who were working on a TELPAS writing sample. Students were given the picture as you can see and had to write about it. This picture was fitting as it was a little girl sitting outside of the principal's office with a black eye and a smile on her face. Without helping them, it was fun to see how their minds work and read their work as it unfolded before my eyes. We have some creative friends in 1st grade. 

Recess and lunch were next and with the absence of pictures, it was obvious how engaged I was. Or it was my way not not capturing my poor basketball skills. Napurano and Wells may have been watching and may have counted a mere one or two shots that I made. Sadly, that was about right. Students would predict each time if I would make or miss my next shot. If they were wrong, they had to run. Needless to say, some ran A LOT! 

As we transitioned into specials I stopped by the gym to catch the students in action. In the shot below, students were carrying the "dead ant" to the mat where they regained their power and came back to life. Students had to be sure there were always four students (one for each limb) to be safe. I may have killed some ants playing this game. 

In the art studio students were working on the finishing touches of their self portraits as you can see one on display below. 

It just so happened I had completed a self portrait on another #NoOfficeDay and couple of years ago and I was able to bring it to life with some color. 

The students are always excited to share their artistic talents so I figured I'd share mine! 

In music, students were in the midst of a game when I entered. Students would be in a line and one would be sitting with his/her eyes closed. One student would sign (I stole your bone) and the student in the chair had to use their sense of hearing to figure out who it was. For some reason no one ever chose me. Guess my voice sounds a bit different than their fellow classmates. 

So, the next stop was in Mrs. Simental's room. I didn't get a chance to take any photos because Mrs. Simental had we working!!! 

She had typed up my guided reading plan and left no stone unturned. Picture walks, story map, genre, diagraphs, you name it, I attempted it (and I use the term attempted loosely). Thankfully the boys and girls who were at the table with me get to see Mrs. Simental on a daily basis instead of me! I drew a crowd and Mrs. Deboer and Mrs. Himes were watching me "do my best" as the students read aloud while the rest of the class waited patiently for us to stop so the students could get back to their desks. 


My final stop for the day was in Ms. Salazar's room and she had the class split up to complete a Mind Missions activity. You can see the supplies we were given and our task was to build a tall building. My team did great! They exhibited teamwork, great communication and understanding as each person was able to share and listen to ideas. 

Ultimately we built a tall building, that didn't stay tall very long. It collapsed, but the students learned the importance of working together and that is what counts! 

Caught holding it up after time was up! I love the look in his face! 

I had to end with this dinosaur montage of cupcakes. One would have thought, that as hard as I worked in Mrs. Simental's room that I may have been offered one. I wasn't even aware they were celebrating a birthday until I randomly came back in after the Mind Missions activity. 

Guess there was no bonus for hard work. I didn't get a cupcake after all and let the know how disappointed I was. (Not really) We laughed and they did offer. Maybe next time! 

It was a fun way to end the day and by the end of the day I was exhausted. Again, it was a humble reminder if how hard it is to teach 6 year olds. 

Thanks again First Grade for the fun day!