Bright Future Campaign - Week 16 Rewind - #NoOfficeDay 3rd Grade

Bright Future Campaign - Week 16 Rewind - #NoOfficeDay 3rd Grade

My day started with our specials teachers after winding up our All Pro Dad's Day. I walked into music as the students had already started their lesson and it was pretty cool to see the connection Mrs. Caldwell has with her students. The level of comfort they have with her is so noticeable and the learning that takes place due to the level of comfort is impressive. For example, how many of you know what "Syncopation" means? Students enjoyed listening to "Chairs to Mend" as Mrs. Caldwell read this story aloud, of course incorporating her musicality along the way. 

After music, I entered the art studio and caught just the end of a brain pop video introducing our artists to digital photography and some tips on using a digital camera. After the video students where given their digital cameras and instructions on taking pictures of their partner and then working in their self-portraits. I wonder what will happen to the picture one young man took of me? 

I made it into the gym, just as time was ending and students had just wrapped up some free throw practice as they prepare of their Free Throw Contest. The only thing you need to know at this point is, I need more practice at shooting my free throws. It's been way to long! 

Returning to 3rd grade brought me to Ms. Das's classroom where she was ready for me to serve at a station focusing on cause and effect. She prepared a great activity where students worked together identify he effect of a given cause. As partners worked together taking turns identify correct effects, they continued until all their pairs were matched. After finding all the pairs, Ms. Das has prepared an extension in which students then had to come up with their own cause and then their partner came up with an appropriate effect. Students were very successful and some were even able to work the activity backwards starting with he effect and coming up with what a potential cause may have been. 

Next up were the students in Mrs. Tolle's room. As I entered the students were working through a problem solving question that incorporated specific literacy elements such as characters and setting, which clearly helped the students comprehend the necessary information they needed to solve the problem. Students displayed several different strategies to solve the problem which was the target of the lesson. Students were not focused on the answer in this lesson. Today the process was the focus and students showcased their knowledge of the process. Following math, students transitioned to LA in which I was able to work with students on another well done differentiated activity. This activity focused on sequencing events from a passage students had read. Only in this activity the highlighted aspects of the story were reworded so it was not directly what the students had read in the story. To scaffold the activity for some students, Mrs. Tolle, then provided some details from the story so students could use the given details as a guide in determining what happened next. The students were very successful and in some cases, they even surprised themselves! 

It was an honor to supervise the students during lunch and recess without 3rd grade teachers. I know they enjoyed the free hour and I hope others did as well! 

The afternoon started in Mr. Mateos room where the differentiated activities continued to meet students needs. We started playing a little game, Mr. Mateos called "A la Cola"? (If I am typing that wrong, please correct me Mr. Mateos) Students started in a line and were given a time they needed to display on their Judy Clock. Students has just a few seconds to display time on their clocks and then the bell rang and answers were checked. If they got it wrong, they had to go to the end of the line. We even had a couple of questions involving elapsed time. The students did very well! After our game, students rotated through stations. Mr. Mateos prepared a place  value station for me to work on with students where we enjoyed rolling the dice to create large numbers and then showcase our understanding of reading and writing numbers in standard, expanded and word form. However, I was more impressed with the activity Cesar was doing with students at his table. The students had previously been discussing the cost of buying a house one day after college and had greatly underestimated the real estate market. Cesar took advantage of this and created an activity that showed students an accurate cost of a variety of homes, which students cut out and glued onto paper. Once they had four homes and prices of the homes, they had to use their place value skills to determine which house had the highest dollar amount associated with it and the lowest and then ranked the numbers in order, lowest to highest and vice versa. Cool activity for students to practice a skill but develop a deeper understanding of a real life skill. I'm certain that covered a process standard! 

I made it into Mrs. Romeo's room for my final stop of the day. Students were being introduced to an IC lesson where magnetism was being introduced. The hook involved a "trick" of sorts where a paper clip magically hung in a cup that was turned upside down. Students quickly discovered a magnet was involved and their minds were completely engaged. Following the introduction, students rotated through three stations that allowed them to explore different types of magnets and different types of materials that were and were not magnetic. Students were able to demonstrate an understanding of why magnets worked, including the opposite poles, and connected that to a Brain Pop video they watched at the beginning of the lesson about magnetism. Needless to say, students loved the rotations, Mrs. Romeo add some wrinkles to the stations to keep the students interested throughout their time at each rotation and students walked away with an understanding of how magnets worked, what types of materials are magnetic and why. 

It was a great day in 3rd grade and I enjoyed the time I was able to spend with the students.  I know our teachers in 3rd grade work hard, but spending the entire day in their rooms and seeing lessons from beginning to end and the various scaffolding and extending taking place, it was evident as to why the students were being as successful as they were. 

Thanks 3rd grade students and teachers!