Bright Future Campaign Week 12 Rewind - #NoOfficeDay 4th Grade

Bright Future Campaign Week 12 Rewind - #NoOfficeDay 4th Grade

I believe most of you know how I feel about the #NoOfficeDay and last Friday was another example of why I keep these days on my calendar. The time spent with the 4th grade students and teachers was just what I needed and more importantly, I hope the students and teachers enjoyed it as well. 

My day started with Mrs. Boyd's class and math was on the schedule. Mrs. Boyd had planned, in detail what I had needed to do and provided all the materials, whiteboards, powerpoint and everything else I needed. Students showed me everything they knew about problem solving and solving multiple step problems. It was obvious students in Mrs. Boyd's class had been working on problem solving and their success showed just how much their hard work was paying off. I was impressed with the technology being used in the room while I was at the teacher table. Students were on the laptops working on Big Brainz while Mrs. Boyd had the tablets checked out for students to use TTM. All students were engaged and every moment was maximized. Not only are moments maximized, but the space 4th grade and Mrs. Boyd use is as well. Take a look.

(Not sure why it's upside down, but you see my point) 

After math it was on to IC in Ms. Zwall's room. Students rotated through seeing me at the teacher table as they presented their ecosystem/biome posters to me. Students had been working in groups of 4-6, collaborating on all aspects of an ecosystem of a specific biome. Students including key words such as composers, decomposes, predator, prey, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore as well as the oxygen cycle, and food chains and food webs. I was very impressed with the level of understanding among the students and their excitement in sharing their work. Never underestimate the power of having students share their work with you or with their peers. They were empowered to share their knowledge with me! 

Specials was next and I was able to join Art and PE. I didn't make it to music for a couple of reasons. 1. I want to be surprised when I see their performance later this week and 2. I had to have a heart to heart with a couple of boys as our soccer game got a little to competitive in the gym. Nothing like the competitive spirit to get boys to push a little too far. It was a small little hiccup in the day and the boys rebounded nicely. My time in Art class impressed me while students shared their knowledge about art. Mrs. Newsome has a beach ball the students use to answer specific questions about a piece of art she has displayed. Students read the question, answer in complete sentences, which she reminds them of as necessary, and then passes the ball to another classmate. Their understanding always impresses me! We didn't focus on what they are learning when I was in elementary school! 

As we transitioned back to 4th grade I was headed into Ms. Bernal's room for a guided reading lesson about MLK. Ms. Bernal had prepared a beautiful venn-diagram for me to use with the students after reading about Barbara Jordan, another powerful "orator" who fought for civil rights. Again, the 4th graders impressed me with their knowledge of MLK Jr. as they recited facts from his life while completing the venn-diagram. His birthplace, college, Father's job, his job and why he left the legacy he did. 

Each student in Ms. Bernal's class was engaged with a teacher during my time in the room which was impressive and speaks to the organization Ms. Bernal holds, as we know more adults doesn't always mean more gets accomplished. It can be distracting when not done right. 

FolLowing a spirited lunch and recess Mr. S's class was my last stop. After a brief introduction and review of our topic, MLK Jr., we participated in a fire drill and reverse evacuation drill (which I need to do with classes more often). Students did a great job conducting themselves and it's always great to get a different perspective. 

Upon our completion of the lockdown drill, we began our Poetry Friday activity. The task students were given was to write a poem about what they are passionate about. Fortieth grade is in the midst of writing their MLK Jr. paper so the poem shared as an example was "Stand Up", by MLK Jr. himself. 

Stand Up
Stand up against the bully.
Come and join the fight.
Stand up against the bully.
Try to do what’s right.
Sometimes it’s tough
to speak your mind.
The going’s rough
to get behind
the kid who’s teased and kicked around,
to pick him up when he is down.
But stand up against the bully.
Do what you can do.
Stand up against the bully,
Just maybe you’ll help him too.

I will be honest, as I was not completely sure what type of poems the students would create after discussing the rhyme and cadence along with other observations students had after reading the poem above. Student poems focused on littering, bullying, dancing and many other passionate topics. The day ended with a little poverty cafe full of wonderful poetry examples from or finest poets and of course, loads of finger snaps. I couldn't participate in a poetry cafe without a little poem of my own, so while students were working , so was I. 

Check it out and don't judge! 

(At this point, I'm just happy the picture is here) 
(Turn your head to read) 

All and all it was an amazing day! Thank you 4th grade students and teachers for making me feel at home and allowing me to be one of y'all for the day!

Counting down the days until my next #NoOfficeDay!