Bright Future Campaign - Week 9 Rewind

Bright Future Campaign - Week 9 Rewind

Last week at Sigler we began our CMIT meetings or our Campus Monitoring and Intervention Team meetings to review student progress thus far. While these meetings take up a tremendous amount of time, the conversations we are able to have about our students are necessary. These conversations allow for our homeroom teachers to express celebrations and/or concerns about students within their rooms and other professionals within the building are able to share their interactions with the students or provide their knowledge in collaboration with the teachers in the room as to how we can better meet student needs. 

While our staff is well aware of the process highlighted above, the one thing that I am reminded of each time we conduct a round of our CMIT meetings is the "mindset" our teachers have towards their student's future. It is no secret, many of our students have academic needs that require intense interventions and these students also need passionate educators who have a "mindset" that their students can succeed. 

While this "mindset" is necessary for ALL staff and teachers within the building, I wonder, do our students share this same "mindset"? If not, what can we do, to deliberately change a student's mindset, to ensure they understand, they can be successful. 

While, I look forward to getting back in classrooms this week and seeing our students and staff do what they do best, I ask you to watch the video below and ask yourself what your "mindset" is and how I can help you change a fixed "mindset" you may have towards any one thing taking place within our building and more importantly, how can you help change a fixed "mindset" a student in your classroom may have. 

The Power of Belief - Mindset and Success: Eduardo Briceno at TED