Bright Future Campaign - Week 8 Rewind

Bright Future Campaign - Week 8 Rewind

We are entering week 9 which means one-fourth of the school year is already behind us. Wow, that went fast and yikes, we need more time. Did you think the same thing I did? Please, take a few deep breaths and enjoy the day off before returning to work tomorrow. With nine weeks under our belt, it is easy to start making the list of all the things you have to get done...

Finish P/T Conferences (or reschedule no-shows)
Enter Grades
Start 3 O'clock Rocks
CMIT Meetings

...and I know that is just barely the tip of the iceberg. Before you start to get more overwhelmed as you continue to add to the list above, please take a moment and refer to the link below. 

Ted Talk: How to Make Stress Your Friend - Kelly McGonigal (15 - min)

Now, what if we make another list of the reasons why you became a teacher. This past weekend I stumbled upon this list, "21 Reasons to Quit Your Job and Become a Teacher". I have good news for you! You are already one step ahead of the rest of the world. Embrace this AWESOME responsibility we have and make this the best week yet!


With the list of 21 reasons to quit your job and become a teacher fresh in your head, I am reflect on last week at Sigler and am compiling my own list, 21 reasons to be the Principal at Sigler Elementary. While I will not share all 21  with you now, I will express a couple that I added to the list this past week. 

I have the opportunity at Sigler to observe teachers interacting with students on a daily basis. This past week I was in Mrs. Simental's room, which was timely due to her new baby, (Congrats) and couldn't help but notice the great instructional strategies she was using with her students. 1st grade's morning math interventions groups were finishing up and as students returned to their rooms, incoming students knew the routine inside and out as they immediately sat at their carpet for morning calendar. If you recall, this was one of the 5 statements I shared with you last spring. There are clear procedures for movement in the classroom and students demonstrate understanding with little to no direction from the teacher. After finishing up calendar students participated in a brief brain break to get the blood flowing and stretch the legs a bit before sitting down and participating in a teacher guided math lesson that included many opportunities for students to "turn and talk" to their neighbor and the expectation that all statements coming from students, whether they were responding to her or responding to their peers were in complete sentences. 

Another statement we have been reflecting on is, The learning target is clearly posted and verbalized by both the teacher and the students. (Raises Engagement Levels by 27%) This thought was evident in the minds of our 4th grade teachers and students this past Thursday as they took advantage of the early release day and used the blueprint from their most recent math test to identify TEKS that students were successful with and not yet successful with on their most recent test. After identifying the TEKS that needed to be addressed, students were split among the grade level and were able to focus in on specific skills that needed reteaching. Early release days can be tough on teachers and students as you are pinched for time, but this was an amazing way to maximize the day and make the learning meaningful for students and the teaching targeted to exactly what students needed based on their recently administered assessment. 

As you know, Teachers are the #1 Factor in Student Achievement! 

Keep pouring everything you have into your students and they will rise to the occasion!