Bright Future Campaign - Week 5 Rewind

Bright Future Campaign - Week 5 Rewind

There are some tremendous things happening at Sigler Elementary and this week was another example. As I mentioned last week, each day you walk into our building is an opportunity to win Game 7. I saw many folks preparing to win Game 7 and by preparing for Game 7, of course we know they are creating a Bright Future for the students they impact. 

Mrs. Hempstead and I made a visit to 1st grade last week to briefly fill in for the BL teachers so they could observe a writing lesson. While visiting I was able to work with a classroom of students and have them teach me about ordering numbers into a least to greatest and greatest to least order. The students were able to show me why numbers went where and created a short number line with sticky notes and putting themselves and their notes in order. 

I've been impressed to see how quickly our 1st graders are getting into the routines in 1st grade. Students are completing stations, changing classrooms for flexible groups and ELD and I love walking in on their brain breaks! Our first grade team has high expectations for the boys and girls they are teaching and we cannot wait to see just how bright their future will be! 

Has anyone else noticed our music teacher, Mrs. Caldwell, running around the building capturing video of our teachers and staff having a little fun at our school! You know you're going to like it at Sigler! Thank you to those who have participated and we are looking forward to seeing the final product and sharing it with others. The teachers and staff work so hard, it's nice to have a little fun amidst all the chaos. 

Finally, last Tuesday our 3rd-5th grade students broke out into their first Future's Day Speaker Series. While I know the girls were on their best behavior, I must compliment the boys as I spent the afternoon session with them and was very impressed. We had a Plano PD officer speak to the boys and school board member Marilyn Hinton speak to the girls. Both serve as excellent examples of perseverance, grit and an example of what can happen when you set goals and work hard to achieve them. I'm excited for our next round of speakers in October, Dorothy Shaw and Lawrence Mann. Our students will enjoy hearing from both of them. 

It's week 6 and it's another week to change lives, win Game 7 and most importantly let your students know you are crazy about them, as Principal Salmone Thomas-EL states in the video clip below.