The Bright Future Campaign

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year!

For those who have regularly followed my postings, you know that each week during the school year, I write a post highlighting great things noticed within Sigler Elementary from the previous week. Week one of the school year is officially in the books, so as I sit here getting ready to start week two, it would be appropriate for me to highlight the great things noticed during week one. However, before we begin recognizing all of the greatness the staff at Sigler pours out into our students, our readers, community members, parents and staff (this will be a reminder for staff) must understand the direction we are taking this year as we embark on "The Bright Future Campaign".

For those new to reading my posts, I am the principal at Sigler Elementary which is home to just over 460 students. Of the 460, 50% are Hispanic, 25% are African American and 20% are White, with the remaining 5% made up of Asian, Pacific Islander and students of Multiple Races. The dedicated staff at Sigler meets the needs of these 460 students, of which upwards of 75-80% would be identified as being Economically Disadvantaged. Along with a high percentage of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch, we commit our selves to working with students who are LEP (Limited English Proficient). It is important to understand the demographic at Sigler to understand why "The Bright Future Campaign" is necessary at this time for our students.

Over the past year I have been introduced to many inspirational and motivational speakers. Whether I have met them in person, read their work online, or follow them on Twitter, the people listed below have helped mold the idea of "The Bright Future Campaign" into becoming a reality.

John Hunter -

The bottom line is this, students at Sigler Elementary must know their is a future outside the walls of their homes and outside the walls of Sigler Elementary and it is up to us to show it to them.

Beginning this year, students will be participating in what we are calling, Future's Day at Sigler Elementary. Each Tuesday, will be known at Future's Day. Staff members are encouraged to show their support of their favorite college or university to open students eyes to the vast number of post secondary institutions that exist around the globe and within the United States. In addition to wearing their college colors, teachers will be leading students through a weekly lesson combining the basic manners necessary in life with the skills it takes to work with others, which we in education call, collaboration! In partnership with Future's Day, we have started a monthly speaker series, where students in grades 3rd-5th will be split into two groups, boys and girls. The boys in grades 3rd-5th will head one direction and the girls another to hear from speakers who understand what they are up against. Speakers understand the dynamic of being raised by single parents, or growing up in poverty, or living in a home with more than one family residing with you. Regardless of the struggle, the speakers invited to speak at Sigler Elementary understand exactly what our boys and girls are going through and have been asked to paint a clear picture of what it takes to overcome the adversity, strive for excellence and set goals for the future. In addition, students will be exposed to what obstacles may be in their way and what may happen if their deviate from their plan. If I was to articulate the goal of the Future's Day Speaker Series, it would be summed up by watching the video clip below:

Are you interested in speaking to our students? Do you have a strong message to share? Join our speaker series and be included with the likes of Olympic athletes, school board members, regional presidents of fortune 500 companies, and local media personalities such as @wfaaizzy.

The staff at Sigler Elementary remains dedicated to meeting the needs of the students at Sigler Elementary through increased analysis of data, collaboration between staff members/grade levels/teams and good ol' fashioned, roll up your sleeves hard work.

As our mission reads:

Preparing students to excel in a diverse and changing world.

This changing world is their future and their future begins at Sigler Elementary!

We look forward to school year filled with inspiration and motivation and students who discover just how "bright" their future is!

Be sure to follow our progress by coming back weekly to see how our students and teachers grow during "The Bright Future Campaign".

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