Bright Future Campaign Week 3 Rewind

Bright Future Campaign Week 3 Rewind

The past week at Sigler presented itself as the first full week at Sigler Elementary where instruction was at the top of everyone's list. The first week serves as the important "relationship week" as students and teachers are working together to get to know one another. Week two is shortened by the Labor Day weekend while teachers begin to focus on instruction while still setting classroom expectations, but week three, the focus completely shifts to what can we do to instruct these students at a high level so they can be prepared for a bright future.

Teachers at Sigler have been collaborating on a weekly basis, specifically after the students go home on Wednesdays to grow their knowledge of what students need and what they can provide to ensure students are, as I stated above, prepared for a bright future. Teachers KN-5th have been involved in conversations about what they can do to address students specifically in their classrooms and I hope they would agree, have each become better educators with this investment of time. I know the administrators at Sigler appreciate their efforts, preparedness, and dialogue during these planning sessions.

Another component I've appreciated our teachers participating in this fall are the one-on-one "kid-talks" we are having during their planning times. It's obvious the teachers I have met with thus far, know their students and the discussions we have had, have shown just how passionate they are about meeting students right where they are and how they can meet their individual needs. We are looking forward to the remaining talks for those who have yet to have theirs.

This past Friday the administrators at Sigler were able to take a team of teachers to learn more about how we can use data to drive instruction and again, prepare students for a bright future. Teachers were able to sit with other grade level teachers from their respected teams across the district and discuss STAAR data and how we can use what we have to better prepare, instruct and assess our students. Thank you Kari, Wendy, Ben, Scott, Dina, Lauren & Jennifer for coming with an open mind and transferring what we learned to positive impact our students. I know the staff who was not present will appreciate hearing the message. Those who were back at Sigler on Friday, thank you for holding down the fort and for the teachers in 3rd and 4th thank you for taking on some additional students for those that were off campus with out a substitute. I know it's a sacrifice you may not have been prepared for.

This week grants us another opportunity to make a big impact at Sigler Elementary. You are prepared and ready and I know the students will be direct recipients of the fruits of your labor!

Keep doing all you do to as we continue on our Bright Future Campaign!

Matt Arend
Sigler Elementary