Sigler State of Mind - Week 34 Rewind

Sigler State of Mind - Week 34 Rewind

It was not hard to find amazing things happening at Sigler last week with only being on campus a couple of days. The week started off with some of our 4th grade students paying a visit to our 1st graders to extend a measuring activity they had been working on the previous week. I think it is great, our grade level teachers open the doors for others to come and interact with their students and our 4th graders feel so empowered to be working with younger students. I know the 1st graders felt pretty special having the 4th graders come down and measure their height. 

Check out a couple of students in action below:

Wednesday afternoon we were able to honor the ladies and gentleman who give back to Sigler Elementary as volunteers. Hats off to Dellmy and Mara for organizing a well done Volunteer Appreciation Event and thank you to Tifani and Sandra for helping with the set up. Volunteers in attendance certainly felt warm and welcomed and appreciated for the time they have given and the time they have yet to give to the students and staff at Sigler Elementary!

As this time of year rolls around, we start to make preparations for the upcoming school year. This past weekend Plano ISD hosted their Recruitment Open House in which we participated. Schools in attendance were looking for certified teachers in hard to find areas such as teachers who are certified bilingual, special education or both. Thank you Stephanie and Alicia for attending with me and meeting so many outstanding candidates. 

In closing, I wanted to leave you with a short video clip focusing on students and teachers. With a mere 24 days of school left (counting Monday) we are putting the finishing touches of being a "champion" for the children!


Make it a TRRFCC Week Sigler Elementary!
Matt Arend
Sigler Elementary