Sigler State of Mind - Week 33 Rewind

Sigler State of Mind - Week 33 Rewind

I do believe I speak for everyone, when I say, THANK GOODNESS STAAR TESTING IS BEHIND US!. There are two more small days ahead in May, but it will hardly impact the building as testing had the past week. Nothing but instruction and sunshine between now and June 7th (well, and MAP testing).

As we enter the month of May and the proverbial homestretch, it is so important to maintain high expectations for all and continue to educate as if it were the first days of school and not the last. In spite of testing last week, there were many examples of teachers who were continuing to teach, as if school had just started.

Students in KN were practicing their writing as they explored different types of places they would choose to live. It just so happened, as I was walking in, they were reviewing one of the places I had spent lots of time in growing up; The World's Only Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. I promised them some pictures that I had taken during my last visit, so as promised, here you go!

While students in KN were still trying to figure out exactly how I knew about the Corn Palace, 4th grade students were in the midst of a measurement lesson ranking students height in order from tallest to shortest in cm. Students were so engaged in the lesson and trying to accurately determine where they would line up as a class based upon their measurements and then checking their measurements through making an observation to determine if they were lined up shortest to tallest. There was one or two students who needed to measure again, but hey, we all need some extra practice. Upon leaving, I was made aware of an upcoming project this week, where our 4th graders are making a trip down to 1st grade to do a little measuring to see just how much taller the 4th graders are than 1st graders. Just remember 4th graders, you were the same height as the 1st graders a few years ago. To all the students, yes, Mr. S is taller than I am. 

All in all, it was a great week at Sigler and there is just too much to highlight in one email. I could continue to share how excited our 2nd graders were when they discovered they have a class pet again and its a familiar hedgehog. I could continue to share how excited the staff was to "shine bright" in their fluorescent colors on Friday, even Coach Lazarine. In fact, Coach Lazarine looked so good, I have decided each Friday, between now and June 7th will be Fluorescent Friday and our regular Friday Spirit Wear w/ Jeans days will be moved to Thursday. (Hope everyone is reading this) I could also continue to share how flexible our support staff was this week in covering additional testing days on Thursday and Friday, rearranging schedules to accommodate intervention in various parts of the building or the quality of small group instruction taking place in 5th grade to encourage the students that will be retesting in 11 school days. 

Each week our students and teachers continue to do their personal best and shoot for the stars. For those who want to shoot past the stars, here is an inspiring article for you to reflect. 

Nesloney's Classroom Adventures: State Testing Results!!

Feeling really is one additional idea I came across as educators participated in an #edcamp in Waller, TX (#edcampwaller).

Save the Date - #edcampfwtx (Fort Worth) is coming this summer. Click below for more info!

Make it a TRRFCC week Sigler Elementary!

Matt Arend
Sigler Elementary