Sigler State of Mind - Week 31 Rewind

Sigler State of Mind - Week 31 Rewind

a: in the time, space or interval that separates

This past week and this coming week, we are between administrations of the STAAR test for our students in grades 3-5. While these two weeks are very valuable for our students in grades 3-5, I pose a question. 

Are they any more valuable than any other week we have had this school year?

While I know we, including myself, feel the final push is necessary and any last bit of learning we can squeeze in, may make the difference for our students, I find myself wondering, do we take each week as seriously as we do the final weeks, leading up to a test such as STAAR?

In my humble opinion, the staff at Sigler Elementary does, but for those reading this, please reflect on your own thoughts and answer that question for yourself. If we do, we have absolutely nothing to worry about, because I believe the results of any one test, do not measure the success of a student, teacher or building. Now, for those that do not, how much better of an educator could you be if you did? 

There are many examples I can provide, that support teachers at Sigler believe each week is just as important as the weeks leading up to or between administrations of STAAR. This past week alone, I saw the following examples...

How about teachers that understand they have been working hard all year long, educating students and take time during what some call "testing season" to attend professional learning opportunities throughout the district, to come back, share and strengthen the teaching of others. This past week, I was able to spend a day with one of our teachers observing and learning more about a program we have implemented at Sigler; ELD or English Language Development, which is a systematic approach for developing the English language for ELL students. Spending this time with staff reaffirms just how dedicated they are and how they value each week of instruction. Taking these couple of days away from students only makes teachers stronger upon their return which is a true investment in our future. 

Another example demonstrating these "between" weeks, are not any more important than other weeks would be the time I see invested by our teachers with our families or incoming families. I was able to participate in several meetings this past week that occurred early in the morning, during team planning times, or at the end of a long school day. Each of these times are times taken away from the classroom or possibly time from students, but our parents are a vital role in what we do at Sigler and if our teachers continue to invest in them, they are investing in their students. Popping in on Kindergarten Round-Up this past week proved yet again, just how much our teachers and staff value time with parents, or in this case, in-coming parents. With just under 50 "to-be" KN students already enrolled, the future is bright for these young boys and girls. 

Lastly, on Friday I was able to spend some time with teachers and staff during their grade level planning meetings. For teachers in grades 3-5, the obvious talking points would be to address testing and what happens before, during and after. Yes, these conversations need to happen, but our teachers in these grades are just as passionate about educating their students today as they were on the first day of school. If you do not believe, come check out what they are doing in their classrooms or better yet, come back and check out the blog later this week and I will prove it to you, through some of the pictures I will post of our folks in action. 

Of course, let's not forget the teachers and staff in other areas of the building. I was able to meet with them as well, and will be finishing up meetings this week. The passion is burning for these teachers as well, as they continue to determine what can be done to prepare their children for the next grade level or school year. Our teachers are constantly thinking one step ahead when it comes to what can be done to help the students within their classrooms ensuring a strong foundation is set for each young student.

So, yes, we are "between" administrations of the STAAR test, but the weeks, between do not define the staff and teachers at Sigler Elementary. What defines this staff is how hard they work all year long and just how much they have to offer the students at Sigler Elementary. 

Keep pushing through, keep moving ahead! 

I know you are not counting, so I will share this number with you only; 39 days of school remain. 

Make it a TRRFCC week Sigler Elementary!

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Matt Arend
Sigler Elementary