Sigler State of Mind - Week 29 Rewind

It was another busy, busy week at Sigler Elementary!

Tuesday Martha Pursley and Roz Himes led the staff through Cultural Competency training. Taking the time at the ended of the day proved invaluable as it left us all reflecting on how we think of others, regardless of culture, gender, race or age. The day concluded with a video clip sharing the story of the "Lost Boys" and wouldn't you know it, as I am typing this email, the "Lost Boys" are on 60 minutes. Both of these ladies did a great job of facilitating and leading the conversation.

I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the snacks provided by our Special Education Team. They were delicious!

Many members of the staff went above and beyond Wednesday and Thursday as the entire 1st grade and KN teams were able to visit a neighboring elementary school to see how students in grades KN and 1st were setting a strong foundation in writing. The visit would not have been possible if the teachers who stayed behind were not willing to cover the classrooms for the time the teachers were off campus. I know I speak for the KN and 1st grade teachers when I say thank you. The visit was the first in a while for teachers from Sigler to visit neighboring schools and we are mindful of just how important it is to continue our professional learning through observing others and then reflecting upon the observation. Thank you KN and 1st grade teachers for your open-mindedness and I look forward to next steps in making our students' writing even stronger!

Over the past several weeks our BL teachers and teachers of limited English proficient students have been busy collecting writing samples and rating them to ensure our students' language acquisition continues each year. Thank you for your patience and perseverance over the past several weeks as you have been steadfast in collecting writing samples and rating each of them.

In closing, the month of April brings with it, high stakes testing, known as he STAAR test in Texas. This is the test that keeps teachers and administrators up at night and increases anxiety levels in some students. The work our students and teachers have put in over the course of the year is measured by many through students' performance on this single assessment. It's the tool we are given as educators in Texas, so we do our best to prepare our students. As the principal at Sigler Elementary, I have told our teachers that know one shall be judged by the results of a single assessment and we must look at the entire body of work to reflect on how we can improve instruction.

So, with that being said here is a little perspective. Yes, the test is important, but so are many other things in our lives. As a marathon runner, I can across two motivational pieces this past weekend, that gave me perspective and I hope they do the same for you.

The 2013 People's Marathon

Dick and Rick Hoyt
"Every Runner Has a Reason"

Make it a TRRFCC week Sigler Elementary!

Matt Arend
Sigler Elementary